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We believe gardening can be for everyone. Our favourite way to share our passion is through community workshops!

Below are details for workshop topics we're currently running or have run in the past. We partner with councils and other venues and community groups to keep ticket prices affordable. See our Upcoming events page for ticketing.


We are also very happy to tailor content and develop new workshops on request. Please get in touch with your ideas.



Composting is a revolutionary act!

You've probably heard about the importance of compost in the home garden, but why is compost so valuable? And how can you produce your own high quality, nutrient rich compost in a suburban garden? Join the Patch of Plenty team where we will demystify the world of compost and get you set up to create black gold in your patch. We’ll talk about affordable backyard systems, how to integrate helpful animals (chooks), and manage unhelpful vermin as well as the differences between hot and cold compost. We’ll also take a deep dive into compost making for different abilities and bodies, community compost systems and accessing local, sustainable sources of carbon for blending with your patch’s resources. This session will include practical components so please bring a pair of gloves!


Great soils grow great food

Soil is the key to success in gardening, and understanding it is fundamental to good growing. Come with us on an introductory journey into the life of soil in your backyard. We’ll look at what makes great soil, and learn about the soil food web and how to improve the soil in your backyard to grow amazing fruit and vegetables. This practical session will leave you with the next steps to transforming your own soil. Bring along a jar of soil from your own backyard for testing and be prepared to get messy!


Starting your patch

We all want to make the most of our garden spaces. It doesn’t matter if you have a large property or you’re renting in a small unit with a patio – there are always smart ways to pack more in, get systems pumping and keep our patches grounded in local ecosystems. In this workshop, we’ll use permaculture design techniques to assess our own gardening context and create the patch that works best for our needs, abilities and site. We’ll discuss observation, sector analysis and locating your patch, as well as considering our resources and physical abilities as gardeners. We’ll then look at different techniques for establishing a food-producing space, including bed preparation, planting and responding to feedback from your garden.


Irrigation 101

Gardens are often the biggest use of household water. As our climate gets hotter and drier, we need to get smart about watering so we can still have a luscious, productive patch while maximising this precious resource. Join the Patch of Plenty team at this workshop, where we’ll go through the basics of setting up simple irrigation systems, get stuck into rainwater harvesting, and offer tips to optimise your water use in the garden. We discuss different forms of irrigation and other techniques like mulching and shading to support healthy plants in hot and dry weather. We will get hands on with different irrigation pipes and fittings. Bring along your irrigation questions!


Seed raising for the summer garden

Learn to raise your own veggies from seed. With a focus on summer crops to sow now, we’ll discuss a number of materials and approaches to help you save money, grow better veggies, and take your gardening to the next level by growing your own seedlings. We cover seed raising fundamentals, what to sow when, and how to source, store and save your own seed. We’ll also get our hands dirty trying out different recipes for a simple seed raising mix you can make at home. Participants will fill their own seedling trays to take home and transplant when ready.


Planning for a year-round harvest

With the right planning, you can be eating out of your veggie patch all year round. In this workshop we discuss effective crop planning and show you how to implement it at your patch – no matter the size. We’ll talk about succession planting, seasonal eating and choosing the right varieties to have you eating out of the garden 365 days a year. Participants will get straight into planning their upcoming season, with a chance to ask plenty of questions and discuss tips and tricks for success in your patch.


Fruit tree pruning & care

In this workshop we will learn about pruning for tree health and fruit abundance, as well as looking after deciduous fruit trees throughout the year. We will cover the theory and then put it all into practice by summer pruning an established orchard. Please bring your own secateurs if you have them (and let us know if you don’t).


Family food growing

Growing your own veggies at home or in a community garden can be a great way to save money on fresh food. Join us for a family-friendly, hands-on workshop about how to get started growing your own. We will cover planning your patch, growing in containers, finding cheap or free materials, raising your own seedlings and keeping your plants healthy. There'll be activities for younger gardeners, resources to get you started and plenty of time to ask questions.


Gardening on a budget

Gardening doesn't have to cost much money. In this beginners' workshop we'll show you how to have a healthy, productive garden on a shoestring. Learn to make your own compost, raise your own seedlings, shop in the waste stream and share with your community.


Growing in containers

No garden? No worries! Learn to grow some of your own veggies, herbs, fruit and flowers in pots, and green up your balcony, courtyard or small outdoor space. This workshop will cover assessing your space, choosing the right containers and plants to put in them, and tips for watering and keeping your plants healthy. We will demonstrate techniques for potting up and how to super-charge your potting mix. All gardening levels welcome and there will be plenty of time to ask questions.


No-dig gardening for soil health

No-dig gardening can be one of the cheapest, easiest ways to get started growing your own food. Plus, it's easier on the body and better for the soil life! In this hands-on workshop, we'll discuss different approaches to no-dig growing and dispel some common myths.


Garden pests & guests

Some visitors to the food-growing garden are more welcome than others. Learn about common pests and how to discourage them, as well as encouraging wildlife and beneficial insects in your patch. We'll also touch on garden helpers, including worms and chickens.


All about wicking beds

Save water with wicking beds! If you need to grow in containers, wicking beds are a great solution for our climate. We'll go through the theory of how they work and then build one together from easily accessed materials. We'll also troubleshoot common problems and talk about maintaining soil health in a closed system.


Preserving your garden's harvest

The summer garden is all about harvest. Join us in the kitchen to learn about preserving your garden bounty. We will get hands-on making sauerkraut, a quick veggie pickle and dried herb bundles, all to take home and enjoy.

"Very informative and hands on... GREAT!"

Great soils grow great food, Oct 2022

"Loved the talk. Excellent value. Both presenters very good and know their stuff."

Gardening on a budget, July 2023

"Really enjoyed this workshop. It was exactly what I hoped it would be."

Irrigation 101, Feb 2023

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