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All packages start at $195. Contact us to book a spot or discuss your needs.

A fruit tree with plums covered in a net.

Fruit tree pruning + tutorial

Are you not getting the most out of your fruit trees? Maybe they are too large, not productive or just seem unhealthy. For deciduous and evergreen trees, we will give them a general health check including: pruning, fertilising, irrigation management and mulching. Optional: tutorial on pruning as well as advice for ongoing fruit tree care.

A person pruning a fruit tree with secateurs.

Seasonal maintenance

Healthy and productive gardens thrive on timely attention and care. Each season brings different tasks and opportunities to minimise challenges and prepare for the season ahead. Our packages include tasks such as:

  • Parnati (autumn): cutting back, weeding, collecting leaves, spreading compost, establishing new plantings, clearing out chicken yards, pest management, fertilising.

  • Wirltuti (spring): check irrigation systems, general mulching, fertilising, weeding, pest management, establishing new plantings, tip pruning native plants, tip pruning/hedging ornamental plants. 

Indi examining a home compost bin.

Compost makeover + tutorial

Is your compost smelly, slow, or home to vermin? Are you wanting to make the most of your garden and kitchen waste to create your own black gold? We spend a lot of time thinking about and experimenting with composting systems. We can help troubleshoot your problematic pile, give it a hands-on makeover to get the good microbes moving, and help you design a system that makes sense for your context.


A pile of gravel with two shovels

After something more regular? We'd love to discuss helping in your garden on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Gardens take time to develop, and require ongoing care. We offer regular seasonal garden maintenance, and are happy to work alongside you or take on the planning and project management.

Garden maintenance services can be fully customised depending on what you need. We can also support you to take on maintenance tasks yourself over time through mentoring and teaching, and by creating a tailored maintenance schedule for your garden. 

Maintenance is $65 per hour. Travel fees may apply.


Contact us to discuss your garden needs and make a time to get started..

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