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Indi and Phoebe leaning on tools in a vegetable garden

Hi! We're Indi & Phoebe.

We're friends and passionate food growers with experience in home and market garden contexts. We have backgrounds in horticulture, conservation biology and community work. 

We live and work in Adelaide and surrounding southern suburbs.

Our aim with Patch of Plenty is to help more people grow gardens that produce food, are ecosystem-centric and are resilient in a changing climate. 

We believe strongly in creating the world we want by starting in our own backyards and neighbourhoods. We can help you design, implement or maintain your garden so it is just right for your context and will provide you with long-term yields and joy.

We're approachable and friendly, and we work to make productive and thriving gardens accessible for everyone. Our work is guided by the permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and fair share, and by our own shared values.

A group of people standing around a vegetable garden while a demonstration of adding compost takes place.
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