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Patch of Plenty's values

We've put a lot of thought and discussion into how we want our business to exist in the world – not just the work we do, but the values that guide our work.

Patch of Plenty is about beautiful, productive, resilient gardens, and about joy and abundance for the people who work in them. But for us, it's also an opportunity to create positive change, and to model the kind of efforts and exchanges that we want to see more of.

So here's a snapshot of where we're coming from – the values we share as friends and business partners.


Land healing through gardening practices that foster healthy, interconnected systems, bring carbon into the soil and allow their users to live more lightly.


Valuing the skills and work of others, sharing ideas and resources and contributing to the community.


Finding imaginative and context-specific solutions, and working to change social and environmental structures so they better serve our and the earth's needs.


Solidarity and respect of First Nations' connections to Country. Working from a Queer, Feminist framework and promoting access to healthy food and environments for all.


Taking every opportunity to learn, experiment and become better at the work we do. Empowering our clients by sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm.


Sharing our joy for gardening with everyone and building relationships that sustain us doing the work we enjoy.

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