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A permaculture design gives you the chance to reimagine your property and garden to centre what is important to you. This might include food production, connection with nature, creating a beautiful place to unwind or reorienting your lifestyle to centre sustainable practices.

A picutre of a back yard permaculture design

Our approach looks at the broad context of your whole life, as well as the local landscape’s capacity and needs. From these broad areas, we put together a design.

At the end of the design process you will receive either a to-scale plan view conceptual layout or a detailed design of your garden. This design will allow you to implement your new garden on your own, or with help from others.


The process generally goes something like this:


We meet you and your household at your place. Our first visit will go for around 2 hours, during which time we’ll meet with all available household members and check out your property. We’ll discuss your desires for the garden and your challenges so far.

Next, we decide if we are the best designers for you and your garden. If we are, and you wish to proceed, you choose between a concept map or detailed design and we prepare a quote. For some people, this meeting is all they need, and is valuable in and of itself. It helps clarify what you are hoping to achieve, and we can provide advice on the spot about your space.


A concept map gives you a broad brush stroke overview of different zones in the garden. It will describe what each of those areas will be used for and how they connect. It includes a short report with explanatory notes on the design, information about techniques suggested, and a list of resources to get you started.
With the concept map, you get a sense of how to put your garden together, and with the addition of your own research, it gets you on the right track for setting up your garden.


A detailed design include all the elements of a concept map, but contains more in-depth information, including specific plant recommendations and placement, and placement of individual garden features. It contains a longer report detailing our site analysis, soil testing, an implementation plan, an annual maintenance schedule and lots more. 
With a detailed design, you've got everything you need to put your garden into action.



We arrange to return for a second site visit. You are not required to be there, but you can be if you like. At this visit we do a more detailed site observation and analysis and undertake surveying and measuring where required.


We prepare your concept map and report, and deliver them to you electronically.


We prepare a conceptual map and send it to you digitally. We meet together via zoom to discuss the concept map where you can provide feedback and we can make any changes.
From here, we develop your detailed design. This may include some additional site visits and contact with you. Your detailed design and report is posted to you on a USB and as a full-colour, to-scale hard copy.


We have a thirty-minute zoom meeting with you one to two weeks after we deliver your design to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have. At this point, we may be able to support you with implementation. Head to our implementation page for more info.

Ready to get started? Contact us to discuss your project.

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