A permaculture design gives you the chance to reimagine your property and garden to centre what is important to you. This might include food production, connection with nature, creating a beautiful place to unwind or reorienting your lifestyle to centre sustainable practices.


concept map gives you a basic, broad brush stroke view of different zones. It maps out the different areas of your garden and describes what each of those areas will be used for and how they connect.


  • An initial questionnaire, followed by a 2-3 hour site visit, during which we'll get to know you and discuss your hopes for the garden, as well as doing an extensive onsite tour of your property.

  • A digitally rendered concept map, showing you what goes where in your garden, plus a unique goal statement for you and your property.

  • A succinct report describing the design and its functions, with some plant recommendations and additional information and further resources.

  • A follow-up phone call to discuss the design and how you might start to make it happen.

The concept map gives you a sense of how to put your garden together. With the addition of your own research, it gets you on the right track for setting up or transforming your garden. 


This service starts from $400 for a block of up to 600 square metres. Contact us for a free quote. (Depending on location, a travel fee may apply.)


A detailed permaculture design takes the concept map a lot further, and contains all the information you will need to kick start your garden.


  • An initial questionnaire followed by a 4-5 hour site visit. We'll discuss your garden and any challenges you've had, and take measurements and photographs for crafting an accurate detailed design.

  • A hand-drawn, full colour, to-scale design showing the placement of every element in your garden, plus a personalised goal statement to help you imagine it.

  • A detailed design report including:

    • Site-specific sector analysis, showing how sun, wind and water interact on your property and what that means for your garden.

    • Basic soil analysis. (For an extra fee, we can team up with a local soil expert to provide a comprehensive soil profile and personalised amendment recommendations.)

    • Specific plant recommendations across the whole garden. 

    • Explanation of the theory behind design decisions and their relationship to permaculture principles. 

    • Instructions and resources for any permaculture and gardening techniques recommended in the design.

    • A recommended maintenance schedule for the whole year.

    • Recommendations about how to implement the design and where to source materials.

  • A follow-up phone call to discuss the design and its implementation.


This service starts from $750 for a block of up to 600 square metres. Contact us for a free quote.
(Depending on location, a travel fee may apply.)

Have a design and ready to get stuck in? We also offer project implementation and garden maintenance. 

Don't want a design, but need some help or advice in the garden?

Learn more about our consultation and advice services.

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